Asian turists in Switzerland

Yle Finland made a series of articles about how Asian money plays a big role in Europe. One of the topics were turists, who many times travel in 9 days or less through all the big cities. One of the important stops is mountain Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, where for example luxury watches are bought. The amount of individual travellers is also rising, ande they are searching for unique experiences such as paragliding which of course has to be documented & shared on social media. For Yle Finland, 2018.



Happy Headshot Day

Creative Designer Helena Jalanka portrayed on Happy Headshot day in October 2020. © Sanna Heikintalo

Open Doors at Ompelus Atelier & Happy headshot day 

29.5.2021  | 10.00-17.00
Brunngasse 5, 8400 Winterthur
May this month of May end in a joyful atmosphere!
The garden of Ompelus Atelier will be filled with finnish products & design crafts, and I’m making simple but representative portraits of all of you, who are in need of professional portrait!
If weather allows, I will build portable mini-studio outside and will shoot short portrait sessions all day long. (If it’s raining, there is a plan b inside.)
Basic session: 20 minutes, 1-2 edited portraits (digital)
Pop-up special price 90 Fr.
(75 CHF if booked before 21.5.2021)
For bookings & customised sessions please contact me:
sanna(at) / + 41 79 392 46 41
My background as a photographer is strongly journalistic, meaning I’m used to portray people in various kind of locations and situations, making them forget the nervousity in front of the camera. My photographic style is very nordic; simple, clean and the focus is on natural beauty.