Asian turists in Switzerland

Yle Finland made a series of articles about how Asian money plays a big role in Europe. One of the topics were turists, who many times travel in 9 days or less through all the big cities. One of the important stops is mountain Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, where for example luxury watches are bought. The amount of individual travellers is also rising, ande they are searching for unique experiences such as paragliding which of course has to be documented & shared on social media. For Yle Finland, 2018.



Can I help you, when the world is upside down?

The world is a bit upside down, and so we all are trying to find a way to organise our days & adapt to this special situation. It’s important to keep on doing things, even if it’s other things than last month.
If I could help you for example putting up online business with customized photos, you’d like to finally get that professional portrait done, or maybe search photographic art piece to hang on the wall, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to plan a photo shooting – of course with respect to all actual safety recommendations!
sanna(at) / + 41 79 392 46 41