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“Postcards from my Finland” is my personal project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Finnish independence. Living abroad I often meet people who admire the beauty of Finland, in which they mean the north. Having hardly been above the polar circle I have not experienced that beauty myself. My Finland is the south and […]

Today I’ve still photographed two more baby-garments for this clothes label, and I think there was some small fine adjustments to do for the website, but the brand new site of Fish Against the Stream is now online! My pictures from India & our shooting in Zürich have gotten a lot of space on the […]

…who had fun on last Friday during a photoshooting! He took the role of a photo model quite easy – but well, who wouldn’t with such comfortable clothes as the unbelievably soft garments of organic cotton, that Maarit has ordered from Assisi Garments (the company that we visited in August in India). Her first order […]

I’ve never been very active writing posts on my website, and sometimes I wonder why do I even have a page for postings… There is obviously other more important things to do. Anyway, in August I was in India, photographing textile industry and some aid projects which a company called Assisi Garments is running. I’m […]

To photograph the new Spring collection of Ompelus reindeer leather bags made me hungry. Not that it would have such a physical work, but because all the new colors reminded me of some delicacies: blueberry milk, chocolate, caramel, fresh salad, raspberries… If you have a chance to come to Winterthur, plan your trip to the […]

The second issue of a new culture magazine Coucou is out soon. The magazine is about culture in Winterthur, and it’s such a cool project – I really hope it finds its way to survive as a printed magazine. I help them mainly as picture editor, but for the issue Nr 2 I also photographed […]

On Thursday opens Suomi Pop-Up store for three days in Zürich. We are seven women with finnish background, presenting our products: handbags of reindeer leather, carpets, decorations, ceramics, textiles and so on. I exhibit of course some of my photos as such, but I’ve also made some postcards. Two last months our dining room table […]

A while ago I had a chance to photograph a brain operation in Aarau (Neurochirurgische Klinik des Kantons Aargau). More precisely I spent the whole day there, documenting the day at the clinic, and for me it was amazing to see how relaxed the atmosphere there was, although they make many serious operations – which […]



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